Book DJ Phil for your event!

Book Me to DJ!
What are you booking for?
Are you the venue's official booker? The bride or groom? The best man/maid of honor? The conference entertainment chair? Etc.
Where is the event?
If venue is outside of the District of Columbia, I will be asking to have travel expenses covered.
What equipment is provided that I can patch into with my mixer? Do I have to bring PA/Speakers? If the venue is large, I will ask that you rent additional sound equipment.
I play mostly Italo House, Deep House, Electro House, Acid House, Top 40 Remix, Disco, and Nu Disco, is that the vibe you're going for?
I can work with a lot of budgets for small venues within the District of Columbia. The further away and/or the more complicated the audio setup needed, the less flexible I can be with budgets.