Saturday, May 16, 9:30pm on this page.

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DJ Phil Reese leads you from guided meditation to ecstatic body moving with binaural beats and hot house music in this live virtual event. We will start with 30 minutes of lightly guided meditation over a calming, cheery vibe, and gently, slowly speed it up until we’re all the way into the groove.

What will you need for the meditation portion at 9:30? This is going to be just a basic, beginners’ breathing and body awareness meditation, so a comfortable chair to sit in, or a meditation pillow or mat if you already got one. I just want to help you release all that tension before we dance the night away!

Go over to YouTube Live to participate in the chat there if you like!

If you are enjoying yourself, please tip DJ phil on Venmo: @phil-reese

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In case y’all wanna get down and boogie in our choreo-corner tonight!

Eu•pho•ria | Choreo-Corner | DANCE FOR THE WORLD!

Join Zoom Meeting

Zoom meeting will open after I’m set up at 8:30pm eastern. Remember, we’re going to be doing 30 minutes of meditation starting at 9:30pm eastern. I won’t flip to the dancers until we’re really rolling. Then, give it all you got!

Wear whatever you like! Dance however you like! Just be yourself!

Feel free to share the zoom call info with whoever you like. The more the merrier! Just make sure they tune into Eu•pho•ria, so we’re sure we’re all tuned into the same groove!

Meeting ID: 910 1885 6138
Password: 174730

After the party, tell me what you thought of the event!