Most of you already know I upset the Facebook gods, not just once, but twice in the past two weeks resulting in a ban that effectively lasted 11 days.

I was unable to post, like, comment, share, respond — I couldn’t even use messenger. 

This all went down while I was supposed to be promoting my monthly party. No, I could not even post as my page. 

I need to be on Facebook as DJ Phil, and because this is where you all do the social organizing I’d like to be a part of. But as far as being my old self on FB, those days are over.

I’m done posting and commenting as Phil Reese. Going forward you will see four things shared by me to my personal feed: photos, GIFs, stickers and links. No comment, no context, no analysis. No comments on your posts either. 

I have to stay on Facebook because I doubt the social status quo of every conversation happening on Facebook is changing anytime soon.

But this entire thing has me really regretting that we, as a culture, have willingly handed over full control of our public forums to a private company that turns around and sells our data. 

If you want to know my thoughts on things, they will live here. I will post links to these blog posts on FB and everywhere, but I’m done sharing my original thoughts there. If you want to have a conversation with me about some of my ideas, do it here down in the discussion, in text, or over various messenger services. But I’m not participating any longer in discussions ON Facebook. No matter how tempting that is going to be.

If you scroll to my footer you can find myriad of different messengers I am on to contact me. Keep in mind if any of us gets in trouble with Facebook, we also get in trouble with messenger, so if you value communicating with me, we will have to move our conversations to another medium. 

Have you ever been in Facebook jail? What were your thoughts?